The Waterfall Chaser: Bork’s Falls

Bork's Falls

Last month I wrote an article called The Waterfall Chaser.  This new series called appropriately The Waterfall Chaser will focus on photos and videos from our local waterfalls in the Shawnee Hills. This first entry is a video from Bork's Falls located at Ferne Clyffe State Park.  This fall is on the separated section of the park.  A high-clearance or 4x4 is preferred when … [Read more...]

Notes from the Trail: Tunnel Hill State Trail

Bike on Breeden Trestle

This series, Notes from the Trail, focuses on thoughts and events that happen with the interactions in nature.  These "notes" are usually written on the trail where insight can be at its highest. Sunday, April 18, 2010 I sit here with my back propped on a tree near a picnic table at Tunnel Hill.  I have been waiting for nearly an hour. Waiting for my fellow bikers that I … [Read more...]

Welcome Southern Illinois Miners Fans!!

Southern Illinois Miners

Thanks to the Southern Illinois Miners for the mention on there facebook page.  Make sure to join us on facebook @ ShawneeHillsOutdoors.  Our focus is exploring the Shawnee National Forest and the State Lands of Southern Illinois.  In the future we will be sharing trail descriptions, photos, and videos. Thanks again for stopping by and make sure to check back later for more … [Read more...]

Top 3 Gottados – The Natural Bridges of the Shawnee Hills


This is the third in a series called Top 3 Gottados (Got to do). This series will spotlight interesting and unique areas that everyone enjoying the Shawnee Hills should take time to explore. The last entry into the Top 3 series we looked at the Top 3 Gottados- Easy to Get to Wildflower Hikes.  This week we focus on three awe-inspiring spans of solid rock, the Top 3 … [Read more...]

Failure to Fail

Giant City Tree

Failure to Fail - by Gary Marks Perfect Day? It was one of those perfect spring days. Not to hot, not to cold, but comfortable for t-shirts and shorts. Leaves were just beginning their canopy growth. The sun reflected through the yellowish-green of the unfurling leaves. The goal that day was to take a stress free stroll in the “newness of spring”. The park being … [Read more...]