The Silent Barking of Dogs at Pine Hills

Dogwoods - Pine Hills (3 of 7)

As you drive around the Shawnee Hills this spring one thing you may notice is the proliferation of green.  It is the color of new spring growth and the sign that summer is on its way.  Amongst all this green is a native tree that prides itself in drawing attention, the dogwood.  This tree is abundant in southern Illinois, but one of the most dramatic places to view them is from … [Read more...]

Burden Falls – The Best Waterfall in Southern Illinois ?

Waterfalls (1 of 1)

If you could visit only one waterfall in Southern Illinois would this be the one to go to?  Ask several different people and you will get several different answers, but can one Waterfall be called the BEST in Southern Illinois? This article delves head-long into a debate that will rage long after you read this article. The Stage The sound of rushing water fills your head … [Read more...]

Final 4 Photos To End An Epic Winter in Southern Illinois


1.  Split in The Rock Icefall Near Piney Creek Ravine State Natural Area - Sometimes places  come upon you unexpectedly, places that you have passed a hundred times on your way to somewhere else.  This was the case for this area.  On the way back from Piney Creek my brother spotted a valley of giant icefalls.  Before we even got out of the vehicle and after some agonizing … [Read more...]

Slip and Slide to 5 Icy Shawnee National Forest Photos


1. Secret Ice Fall Boulder Creek Falls - This frozen waterfall is one of those hidden gems in Illinois that you must get off the beaten path to view.  Located near the Jackson Hollow Natural Area just west of Jackson Falls, this 50-60 foot giant is difficult to see flowing during the summer, but if the conditions are like this winter with frigid nights for over a week … [Read more...]