Cloud Watchers: June 12, 2010

Did you see the sunset last night?

After a scorching day of heat and humidity, the sky popped with reds and dark blues as the sun went down.

The anvil cloud photo was taken on June 9, when a thunderstorm was rolling just south of us.

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To see the full image double click on the photo.

Check out our flicker photos on the Cloud of the Shawnee Hills.

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Explore - Photograph - Live. Three words that describe my love of nature. These photos and articles are my small attempt to bring to others the great "undiscovered" beauty of Southern Illinois and beyond. It is my hope that you will view this website and leave with a better understanding of the area and will motivate you to get outside where ever you live and explore your own backyard.


  1. phyllis says:

    The cloud images are beautiful.

  2. Gary Marks says:

    Thanks, Phyllis. It was a good night for clouds.