The Leftovers

– by Gary Marks

Pumpkin Harvest in Southern Illinois

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a time for us as  a nation and a people to remind ourselves what we are grateful for.  Ask a hundred different people what they are thankful for and you will get many different answers. Many will say family, others will say friends, and others will say they are thankful for the grace of God, but whatever you are thankful for, remember to bless and encourage one another, so that we all will be lifted up.

Farm Pond in Union County, IL - Fall Reflections
Union County Pond Reflection

… On With The Article

There will come a time this week when most of us will rub our bellies and proclaim that we just cannot eat anymore.  As we look over the Thanksgiving table we will see slabs of turkey, mounds of stuffing, and slices of pie that remain.  The remnants of a feast not chosen.

We may ask ourselves just what we are supposed to do with all that is left behind?  Do we toss it all out, so that we can start fresh for the next meal or do we repackage and cover it up so that we can partake of it again at a later time?

In our household we will enjoy the leftovers for several days after the main feast, remembering the time we spent together and nourishing our bodies with the remaining goodness of a thankful feast.

Cedar Lake - Cove Hollow - Fall
Cove Hollow at Cedar Lake

Turkey + Photography = Leftovers?

As the leaves on the trees vanish and the colors of fall become a memory, I am personally reminded of all the photos and scenery that were forgotten or leftover.

They were not forgotten in the since that they were out-of-mind, but they did not have a place.  The reasons are many, some did not fit in the article layouts, some were the same type of subject as other photos, and some were just formatted wrong in the since of orientation (horizontal or portrait).

Lake Glendale - Shawnee National Forest - Fall
Lake Glendale – Shawnee National Forest

 .. But

What to do with these leftovers though?  How about write an article about leftovers and share the memories of one of the best falls ever in the Hills of the Shawnee.

Ferne Clyffe State Park
Ferne Clyffe State Park
Fern Cliff State Park
Ferne Clyffe from Above

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  1. Beverly Scherer says

    Very pretty. Thanks for sharing. It is the next best thing to seeing it myself while I am unable to get out to do so.