The Day Fall Was Over

December 8, 2010

The leaves of fall have been resting on the ground for well over a month and the official day of winter is rushing in on December 21.   As I look back on the colors of this fall, there is one scene that keeps replaying in mind.

On an early morning October day in Ferne Clyffe I was out with my camcorder looking for scenes to film that depicted this change in season.  It was peak time for colors and the wind had picked up during the night.

This combination is not always the perfect scenario for photographers and videographers, but as the wind blew a truly magical scene unfolded on the Big Rocky Hollow Trail.  The forest came alive with the sound of branches swaying and the release the season’s growth from above.  The leaves floated to the ground with a unison that seemed to develop into a storm as the wind continued its destruction of autumn.

As I filmed the scene in front of me, I smiled as I watched one of the most mesmerizing fall sights I have seen in Southern Illinois.  As I watched though I was, also somber, because I knew that all the hiking and filming I had done since April was coming to an end.

As we have entered December that sadness is going away, because the potential for a white landscape and frozen waterfalls has increased giving us a whole new landscape to explore in our own backyard.