Christmas at Giant City State Park – 45 min Photo Challenge

December 28, 2010

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Giant City TreeNo more waiting for a white Christmas, it’s now in the books.  The wishes of many children and some adults had become reality.  On Christmas Eve the sky released a fluffy snow that decorated the Shawnee Hills in a winter landscape once again.

As I awoke Christmas morning, I took a peek outside and was amazed by the change of scenery over yesterday morning.  I could not get over the perfect timing.  Our house was soon filled with family and the laughter and noise of children and adults alike.

The ripping of Christmas paper soon overtook all other sounds and I cherished the opportunity to all be together once again for Christmas.  Gifts soon gave way to turkey, dressing and Mom’s infamous Cottage Cheese Junk.  Games followed with plenty of good-humored joking.

Around 2:30 pm, the family went their separate ways with other get-togethers calling.  I did not need to be anywhere until 4:30, so my mind and body demanded that I make use of this time to explore this new winter wonderland.  It took me awhile to round up all my winter clothes and head out on the road.

45min Challenge

Giant City - Balanced RockGiant City was the perfect distance and I arrived around 3:15pm.  I decided the best opportunities for photos was at the Giant City Nature Trail.  Footprints guided me up the trail.  My favorite tree in the park soon came into view and it was blanketed with layer of snow.  Nice!  I then headed towards the boardwalk leading to the “streets”.  I am always amazed how snow transforms this area.  Snow sticks itself into the little crevices and accentuates the layers of sandstone.  I continue my journey and walk the “streets” and end my hike at Balanced Rock.

As I look at my watch I notice that I still have a little more time, so I head back and photograph some of the park’s man-made structures.  The shelters and bridges seem especially photogenic today.  I stop in the middle of the road to take one of the bridge photos and have to run back to my truck as a car approached.

I look at my watch again and reluctantly realize it is time to go, other engagements call.  Even though it was only a short time spent here, I was happy to have just this small chance to enjoy Christmas at Giant City.

Photos – Giant City State Park

Giant City Shelter
Giant City Shelter
Giant City Winter Bridges
Giant City Winter Bridges
Giant City Winter Bridges
Giant City Winter Bridges

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  1. Gary Marks says

    Thanks Phyllis. The fluffy snow was great for photos, but it didn’t last long. It was fun to challenge myself to come up with some compelling photos in such a short amount of time.