Photo of the Week: Kinkaid Lake Spillway

Photo of the Week:  Kinkaid Lake Spillway

Kinkaid Lake Spillway

If you have spent any time browsing this website, you will notice that I enjoy being around flowing water.

I love how it sculpts the landscape and how it is always going somewhere.  The waterfall or stream you just viewed 2 seconds ago, is not the same stream as before.  It is in constant motion and is always rushing to far off places.

The photo above was from a recent trip to the Kinkaid Lake Spillway located just southwest of Murphysboro.  Although the spillway is the result of man-made actions it is still a delight to visit.

One of the unique properties of this spillway is that when all the other water has stopped flowing, there is a good chance you can still catch water  lightly flowing over.

One More Photo

Kincaid Lake Fish

Originally released on our Facebook page.  This photo was taken the day before the first photo.

I, personally, had never seen in this type of behavior in Southern Illinois.  As I sat on a rock next to the edge of a roaring cascade, silver fish were jumping out of the water trying to clear the first cascade back up to the lake.

I sat there for well over 30 minutes, photographing and enjoying this unique event.  By the way, I didn’t see any make it up this first cascade.

I still don’t know what type of fish they are.  If you know please leave a comment below.


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