One Year Anniversary! – 3 Top Posts of Season One

One Year Anniversary! – 3 Top Posts of Season One

– by Gary Marks

Has It Been A Year?

On March 13, 2010, Shawnee Hills Outdoors went on-line.  It is amazing how it has come along in such a short time.

Many people have viewed, commented, and signed-up for our e-mail list, as we head into Season Two.  It is my hope to bring more meaningful articles on your own exploration of the Shawnee Hills.

And to celebrate our One Year Anniversary, we bring you the Top 3 Posts that you viewed in Season One

Top 3 Posts

  • #1 Garden of the Gods – Shawnee National Forest:  Although a late comer to the party, this post hands down has surpassed all others.  This post was, also, the most difficult to write and film.  This was personally one of my favorites, so I was glad that others, also, enjoyed.
  • #2 Bell Smith Springs – Winter Return – Part Two:  The longest series that was produced on the site, saw its highest viewership on the second post.  With the help of several facebook and twitter shares, this post pushed it to the highest shared article.  Love the snow, hated to see it go.
  • #3 Shawnee National Forest – Rim Rock Trail:  What can you say?  This is just a beautiful place that deserves to rank high.  This is a great place to visit while you are at Garden of the Gods.  The huge staircase that leads to a giant walled street that is a joy to explore.


Thanks for your support this last year and I hope to continue to receive your support and readership this next year.

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