Pomona Natural Bridge – Ending the Day

January 5, 2011

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Finishing the Day

Pomona Natural Bridge RailAfter visiting La-Rue Pine Hills early the morning after Christmas.  I spent the rest of the day with family, until around 3pm.  I had at least two hours until it was fully dark, so I decided to take advantage of the recent snowfall and make the drive to Pomona Natural Bridge.

I have found myself visiting this area more frequently over the past year because of its easy access and short trail length.  I had previously written about Pomona Natural Bridge in a previous post, but I have never visited the bridge after a winter snowfall.

When I arrived the parking lot was empty and I noticed that I had made a good choice.  The trail descends down towards the bridge and included a picturesque rail-fence.  Snow was sprinkled atop the railing, with the trail being clear of snow.  I took many different angles until I finally decided that the photo to the right was the one I was after.

I followed the trail to an overlook and tried to determine the best position for a photo of the natural bridge.  I walked across the white pathway on top of the narrow rock  and then under, then over and under again.  I took many different photos, but liked the straight-on shot included here.

As I walked back to the truck,  I thought how lucky I was to have seen this beautiful place with a blanket of white draped across it.  It reminded me that even though I had only a limited amount of time, I could still use it to experience the wonders of the Shawnee Hills.

Pomona Natural Bridge - Winter
Pomona Natural Bridge - Winter

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  1. cindi says

    You keep teasing me with this one.I have Yet to make it there and it is so close to home.
    MAYBE, you have tempted me enough that I will get over there on Sunday.