Burden Falls – The Best Waterfall in Southern Illinois ?

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If you could visit only one waterfall in Southern Illinois would this be the one to go to?  Ask several different people and you will get several different answers, but can one Waterfall be called the BEST in Southern Illinois? This article delves head-long into a debate that will rage long after you read this article. The Stage The sound of rushing water fills your head … [Read more...]

Bell Smith Springs – Grand Staircase & Natural Bridge – Part II

Grand Staircase at Bell Smith Springs

This series, Notes from the Trail, focuses on thoughts and events that happen with the interactions in nature. Did you miss part one? Click on the following link to get caught up on all the action - Bell Smith Springs: Part One - Devils Backbone. Monday July 12, 2010 I walk amongst the trees and shrubs that thrive within the canyon.  In places it feels like a jungle as … [Read more...]

Top 3 Gottados – Southern Illinois Cave Shelters


This is the fourth entry in a series called Top 3 Gottados (Got to do). This series spotlights interesting and unique areas in Southern Illinois that everyone enjoying the Shawnee Hills should take time to explore. Cave or Rock (Bluff) Shelter? The three areas in this article all have the name "cave" located in the title.  First, though we must determine what a "cave" … [Read more...]

Top 3 Gottados -Easy to Get To- Waterfalls in Southern Illinois

Burden Falls

This is the first in a series called Top 3 Gottados (Got to do). This series will spotlight interesting and unique areas that everyone enjoying the Shawnee Hills should look into. With the first official day of spring arriving on March 20, I thought it would be nice start thinking about my favorite topic, Waterfalls! The last two days we have received an abundant amount of … [Read more...]